A Dog Tale: Connecting Atlanta's At-Risk Youths With Rescue Dogs, GPB | June 7, 2019

Not all superheroes wear capes, jump over buildings or hail from Wakanda. And if you're near downtown Atlanta, you may run into non-traditional superheroes: known as the W-Underdogs. The non-profit works with at-risk kids by rescuing dogs in the neighborhood.

Data from the Atlanta Humane Society report 70 million homeless animals in the U.S. Only one out of every 10 dogs find permanent homes. The W-Underdogs have rescued about 400 of those pets. Gracie Hamlin is founder of the program. She joined On Second Thought to talk about the organization.

The W-Underdogs, Atlanta Pet Life | 2019

Nonprofit gets at-risk kids off the streets and into rescuing dogs.

Grace Hamlin — The W-Underdogs, Rob’s Rescues | 2019

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Grace Hamlin was doing a little gardening, minding her own business one day when she noticed a kid pass by, crying…

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A disabled veteran in the Atlanta area started an incredible program that keeps the kids in her neighborhood away from gangs and teaches them to care for homeless pets.

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In January, a 6-year-old boy was killed by a loose pit bull. Amy Soeldner wants that to never happen again.

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“We fight for a humane Atlanta and for safer communities for all...”

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We chat with Grace Hamlin about her nonprofit, which gets local kids off the streets and into rescuing dogs.

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Grace Hamlin plays a hands-on role in raising the quality of life in Peoplestown by instilling compassion and ethics in at-risk children through her W-Underdogs animal rescue and youth program