Our Mission

Lift up disadvantaged kids by helping rescue animals.

The W-underdogs' goal every day will be to address the challenges that disadvantaged at-risk youth face and provide them with the skills and sense of accomplishment to help them overcome the challenges in their lives. We believe that the W-Underdogs program will energize the families, kids and in turn, contribute to a better community both short and long term. 


We teach the kids how to manage, care and train dogs and cats and vet them as needed. They learn personal discipline and responsibility as they rehabilitate the animals. They learn how to care for animals and, in turn, how to care for themselves and have compassion for others. Our main goal is currently is to be able to provide a more comprehensive “tool bank” for the kids to learn the skills outlined above, and to carefully and selectively expand the program so more kids can participate.



They learn teamwork and how to work as a group. They learn how to manage the expectations of others. What they learn is valuable both to help them grow and life lessons as well as making them employable as groomers, trainers, and vet assistants. The kids have full hands-on training of the animals, rehabilitating them from their neglected, abused situation and turning them into the loving, manageable pets that loving homes require. 


They acquire, in short, skills that they are not currently learning within their home environment. We aim to help them see beyond their immediate environment, while we teach the skills to help them cope with its challenges more successfully. As the animals progress, we take them to adoption events. Saving the animals in effect rescues the kids, and endows them with both self satisfaction and self-esteem.